Uvita Costa Rica is unique in it's location based on it's vicinity to the Ballena National Park and Caño Island. Also it's unique Whale's Tail beach.


Uvita Costa Rica is full of activities for all members of the family. Whether it's adventure or tranquility you're after, it's all here in Uvita.

Uvita Hotels

There are a number of Uvita hotels and resorts to choose from. They range in budget from affordable to luxurious. Either way you'll find the one for you.

Does life really have to be a challenge day in and day out? In Uvita Costa Rica, life is truly….PURA VIDA!

Uvita Costa Rica Contains 5% Of The World’s Biodiversity

The small town feel that Uvita Costa Rica enjoys, has grown fond to most of the foreigners living in the area. Locals coming and going from local shops will always give you a nice small and friendly “hola”.

Uvita Costa Rica is one of the most up and coming communities throughout the Southern Pacific of Costa Rica. Over the past couple years, Uvita has surpassed the Dominical area for development and amenities. The area now boasts banks, 2 large grocery stores, furniture stores, restaurants and most recently, an indoor recreation centre where the local feria is held every Saturday. The feria is an organic market for fresh fruit and vegetables. There can be local artisans there from time to time also.

Life’s a beach! We’ve all heard that famous saying. Well in Uvita Costa Rica it couldn’t be more true.

You’ll find Uvita on any map of Costa Rica nestled in the southern zone along the Pacific Ocean side, Uvita is a quaint, seaside village that is growing in popularity.

It was only a few short years ago when Uvita consisted of a small soda/diner, a local grocery store, mechanic and a hand full of homes throughout Uvita central.

These days Uvita has got to be one of the fast developing communities in the entire Southern Zone of Costa Rica. These days when you drive through Uvita you will find two major supermarkets, a brand new recreation centre, two banks, about half a dozen different places to eat and of course Costa Rica hotels and…residential developments scattered about the hills overlooking the Whale’s Tail.

Uvita Costa Rica Real Estate is Thriving!

It’s easy to see why anyone would want to live by the ocean. Beachside living is relaxing and a great escape from the daily metropolitan grind most of us have come accustom to. Some people even find a strong spiritual attraction to large bodies of water so it is not uncommon to find that locals throughout the areas around Uvita, have a strong spiritual side to them and are very open and good natured individuals. Not to mention level headed!

What makes Uvita beach stand out from the rest of the amazing beaches of Costa Rica? From the air it’s obvious…

Uvita beach is very unique indeed. The natural formation of the two bays/beaches meeting together, forms a perfect natural formation of a Whale’s Tail.

This is rather ironic considering Uvita is smack dab in the middle of a humpback migratory route making for an excellent locale to go whale watching.

Although not overly popular for it’s surf, Uvita is still a great place for beginners looking to get their feet wet per se, in to the surfing experience.

As you can see from the photos, Uvita beach is home to beautiful turquoise waters of the Pacific and being a part of the Costa Ballena National Park, the area is filled with wildlife and sea life of all species and it only sits a short 30 minute drive from any number of popular Manuel Antonio hotels.

So next time you are thinking about a Costa Rica vacations package, you might want to consider Uvita Costa Rica.



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